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Makeup Setting Spray

It is always disheartening to see all of your hard work go to waste. When you apply your makeup perfectly, you want it to last. Applying a full face of makeup is not easy. Seeing it fade away well before the end of the day is heartbreaking. This means that you have to add more makeup maybe by lunchtime. Thanks to Makeup Setting Spray, it acts as the finishing touch to your beauty routine each morning or any time you apply makeup. This simple makeup product can help your foundation, concealer, eye shadow, and whatever else you have on stay put. Makeup Setting Spray is simply a topcoat for your makeup.

Makeup Setting Spray plays the purpose of preventing your makeup from smudging, creasing, or fading quickly. Whether you are going for a full day job or a whole night dancing, the durability of your makeup will put you to the test. Best of all, Makeup Setting Spray is easy to use, and will not be hard to add it to your beauty routine. If you want your makeup to stand up against the elements, tears, and everything in between, a makeup spray is your answer. The Makeup Setting Spray is in the form of light moisturizing mist.


· It refreshes and adds a healthy glow throughout the day.

· It also creates an invisible light film that protects makeup.

· It makes the skin to maintain an impeccable look for longer without the feeling of stickiness or tightness.

· Its witch hazel water regulates sebum secretion reducing the effect of shiny skin.

· Contains sodium lactate that perfectly moisturizes the skin.

· It also contains Enantia chlorantha tree bark extract and panthenol that soothes irritations.

· Has vitamin E that reduces the harmful effects of sun rays, preservation, and refreshment in one product.

· The alcohol in the makeup setting spray increases the lifespan of the makeup preventing fading and smudging.

· It does not leave your skin feeling sticky or tight.

Setting sprays act like a glue that holds the makeup together. They possess magical powers that keep your base on till the end of the day. Their secret is in the ingredients. Most setting sprays contain alcohol which is effective at keeping everything in place. Opt for a water-based formula if your complexion is easily irritated. Most setting sprays contain water to hydrate the skin keeping it from flaking and looking cakey. The Makeup Setting Spray adds a fine layer of coverage to keep your makeup lasting all day long even in a tough workout. Spray in a T and X formation about 8” away from the face after all makeup has been applied.

Before using an alcohol-based setting pray, apply a hydrating skincare product as a base to prevent the skin from drying out. Let the Makeup Setting Spray keep you looking perfect through hot summer days, sweaty vacation destinations, workouts, and keep makeup even on oily skin. The Makeup Setting Spray makes sure that your eyeshadow, lipstick, and foundation last from day into night.

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