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Everything you should know about foot-care products

How you care about your foot?

As well as we care about our face and body we should take care of our foot. There are so many foot-care products that we do not know about. Which are very easy to use and give you beautiful and healthy foot afterwards. Today we will discuss about those products out there.

Silicone Heel Support Shoe Pads

This is a foot care product that every one should know which contain blue gel silicone which helps to resist shock, give arch support and help to walk all day. This is washable and transferable between footwear, so we can reuse it. Since this is a product with hypoallergenic, non toxic and non flammable and odour free this is a very useful product for ladies who works all day.

Foot Detox Patches

This is an amazing foot-care product that can help you to do the natural detoxification of your feet and get rid of chemicals, toxins, toxic metals from your body.

Foot Cream

Wrap your feet with the creamy richness of a intensely moisturizing cream which is infused with natural extracts. It will help you to sooth your tired feet while you sleep and reduce cracked feet problems.

Foot Cushions

This is a similar product as silicone heel support shoe pads, To you extension heel cushions which help you to reduce pain and discomfort while standing or walking.

Moisturizing socks

This is a foot-care product we should know because this is not just a socks, this is a product with foot treatment.

Foot Spray

A foot spray can control foot odour problems, development of bacteria and wetness to give you a fresh, dry and comfortable feet.

Cracked Heel Cream

A cracked heal cream can protect the condition of dry, rough and cracked skin.

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