Happiness through Freshness

Activelle Extreme Protection Antiperspirant 48 h Deodorant 50 ml

The smell is the power that you need all day long. When you smell good you feel good, more confident, and assured. It irritates when you feel stale and not fresh after a long working day or an energetic physical activity. You need to grab your favorite fragrance that gives you a soft and gentle kick-start to your day. You will be kept fresh, dry, and get beautifully fragranced for your specific mood. Protect yourself against odor and sweat by using Activelle Extreme Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant which has a high-performance antiperspirant that neutralizes odors while caring for your skin.

Activelle products contain a unique mineral product complex that inhibits the production of malodor and gives you a 24hr freshness. Activelle Extreme Antiperspirant Deodorant offers maximum protection and is proven to give you up to 48hr antiperspirant protection and control excessive sweat, even during extreme physical activity, and helps you stay confidently fresh all day every day no matter what. It contains a powdery citrus fragrance and an instant, long-lasting protection.

Activelle Extreme Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant contains innovative new formula features that are motion-activated. ActiBoost Technology releases freshness just when it is needed to ensure you are ready for whatever life throws at you. It is clinically proven to keep you confidently fresh for 48 hours, perfect and suitable for active women on the go giving them instant protection and an additional boost of freshness from ActiBoost Technology's excessive sweat problems.


· It is alcohol, with roll-on formula.

· Designed to keep you fresh and dry.

· Lime and Eucalyptus oils have purifying effects.

· Helping to target the causes of body odor.

· It has a mineral protection complex.

· It is dermatologically tested.

· It gives 48hrs maximum protection thus caring for the skin.

· Leaves a fresh scent without white marks.

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