Let your skin breathe, be your kind of beauty

Your skin needs to speak out because its beauty defines you. Smile with the reflection of the finest glow with the use of our ultimate Age-Fighting face care system consisting of Night Cream, Day Cream and Double-Cleansing Facial Wash. Be the unstoppable woman and glow like never before by quenching the thirst of your skin.

Age IQ Night Cream

Wake up to a younger, healthier-looking reflection. Age IQ Night Cream is an innovative cream that revitalizes your skin’s appearance while you sleep to keep your skin in a healthy-looking state. The result is a brighter, more rested and refreshed-looking complexion. It gives you a radiant and youthful looking skin.


Ø Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles and addresses signs of aging.

Ø Helps instantly tighten and firm the skin’s appearance.

Ø Works to remove skin-drying urban stressors accumulated during the day.

Ø Improves skin clarity and radiance, and provides smoother skin texture.

Ø Helps fight the appearance of discoloration, and sagging skin.

Ø Has a mask-like consistency, which creates a barrier to guard against wrinkles caused by sheets and pillowcases.

Age IQ Day Cream

The IQ Day Cream is the perfect complement to Age IQ Night Cream. Together, they are the smartest skincare ever. It is specifically created for daytime use. It is well formulated and blended to address the signs of aging.


Ø Fights appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and sagging skin.

Ø It mimics the skin’s natural properties to diminish the signs of aging.

Ø It binds moisture to the skin for long-lasting hydration.

Double-cleansing Face Wash Cream

Basically, build-up of residue, oil, dirt cosmetic products leave on the skin can leave the skin looking dull in appearance, and it also contributes to clogging your pores, which then can lead to acne or enlarged pores.

In double cleansing, the first cleanser breaks down any make-up, removes dirt and excess oils from the day and cleans your skin. The second cleanser addresses your particular skin type or concern and has ingredients to hydrate, smooth or exfoliate and treat acne. Doing both steps will assure that any treatment and moisturizing is maximally effective.

The Double-Cleansing Face Wash is an advanced lightweight cleaner that combines the properties of an oil with the freshness of a light foam. When applied to the skin, it removes oil-based impurities and make-up. It is then combined with water to a soft, milky foam for deep cleansing.

Give your skin a clean and fresh look with the best organic care products. Naturezame offers you the opportunity to restore your skin balance with pure plant extracts and essential oils. Our 100% natural skin care products leave you feeling drenched in the beauty of nature.

Feel confident in your skin again!

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