The massage your body needs!

Arnica Massage Balm 100 ml

Awaken your senses by giving your body the massage it needs. Feel relaxed and let the body pains go away with a little massage. Let your body get the best pampering and flexibility it deserves. Arnica Massage Balm is an aromatic gold liquid with organic arnica which is grown on the Scottish Black Isle that will ease and relax stiffness and aches no matter how much bending and stretching you have done.

It is an excellent oil for massaging into the affected area bringing warmth and relief of pain and helping prevent stiffening. It makes an ideal pre-gardening massage to warm muscles before a day’s work. Arnica Massage Balm contains therapeutic plant extract and oils to comfort old aches and pains that flare up when put to rest.


· For symptomatic relief of muscular pain, stiffness, and backache.

· Also indicated for rheumatic pain, fibrositis, bruising, cramp, and sprains.

· Ideal for sporting injuries. It works perfectly well with sports professionals.

· Excellent both before and after physical activities such as gardening and exercise help relax muscles.

· Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten-free diet.

  • Warming, toning, invigorating non-irritating to the skin.

  • Firms skin, increases its elasticity, and supports cell renewal.

· Certified natural, free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants, or raw materials from mineral oils.

  • Dermatologically tested.

Arnica Massage Balm is the essence of all-natural plant-based effective action. Pure plant oils from sunflower and olive, blended with extracts from arnica flowers and birch leaves, increase blood circulation, and encourage natural healing. Lavender and rosemary essential oils add both perfume and natural relaxation. An all-natural product for athletes, household chores, outdoor workers, or any active person who cares about their body.

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Grace your tomorrow with good health!

Let your nerves and muscles relax!

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