Anti-Redness Solution

Anti-Redness Solution


30 ml

NovAge anti-redness solution minimises the visible redness and provides a continues anti-redness effect. This targeted and intense skincare solution imediately reduce visible redness, improves skin tone & complexion, soothes skin.

Arnica and natural origin horse chestnut extract:

 These ingredients actively work to help reduce the appearance of redness that can be associated with deficient microcirculation. The soothing technology provides instant relief to the skin and the formula also helps strengthen the skin barrier. Pigments immediately reduce visible redness and improve skin tone and complexion.


Apply your usual moisturiser and let it be absorbed. Then apply the NovAge Anti-Redness Solution on the skin, focusing on areas of redness and broken capillaries like around the nose and cheeks. Use daily, day and night after your regular NovAge Skincare Routine.

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