Double-Cleansing Face Wash Cream

Double-Cleansing Face Wash Cream


120 ml

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This innovative, lightweight cleaner combines the properties of oil with the freshness of a light foam. When applied to the skin, it removes oil-based impurities and make-up. In combination with water, it then turns into a soft, milky foam for deep cleansing.

Dual facial cleansing with our patented Sea3CTM blend;
- Eliminates make-up and impurities
- Provides gentle but effective cleaning
- Helps eliminate the effects of air pollution on the skin surface
- Has an optimal pH for the skin
- Is ideal for all skin types (dermatologically tested)
- Can be applied in the morning as in the evening
- Great for cleansing the skin and preparing for the Neora night and day


For best results give 2 to 4 pump doses in your hands and massage them on the dry face skin. Soil, impurities and makeup soften with gentle, circular movements. Next, add some water and continue massaging to get a light, milky foam. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

For daily use, morning and evening

Sea3C ™An exclusive blend of sea-lice extract, the juice of Japanese birch and raffinose, all known as hydrating

Coconut surfactantsSulfur-free surfactants that gently but thoroughly help to cleanse the skin .

GlycerinKnown for its moisturizing and soothing effect.

Rosemary leaf oilKnown for its skin care properties.

NiacinamideA well-known ingredient for a more even skin tone.

Nutmeg sage oilA masking agent known for its soothing and soothing properties.


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