Self-Tanning Water Face and Body

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Self-Tanning Water Face and Body offers natural-looking golden tan. Fast-Drying light texture and easy to use. 

Self-Tanning Water Face and Body provides natural-looking golden tan in just 3 hours. Immediately hydrate skin for long-term results. A quick-drying, light texture and the easy-to-use spray help you to accomplish desired results. Dermatologically tested. 


-Offers intense hydration with the help of Hyaluronic Acid
-Provides long-term and natural-looking tan within 3hours
-Fast drying and absorption- 91% effective
-Summery Scent


How to use. 

For maximum results, peel before use and apply with glove applicator.

For body: Take a glove applicator and put the Self-Tanning Water Face and Body on it. After that, gently massage onto skin in circular motions to ensure an even tan. 

For face: Apply the self-training water on to the cotton pad and sweep over the face. After that, gently massage onto your skin and avoid direct contact with eyes. 

For hands: Slightly apply a small amount of product to the back of your hands. Avoid fingernails and palm. Wash your hands carefully after application to avoid staining between finger and nails

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