UTIQUE - Luxury Shower Gel - Sandalwood & Patchouli


Dramatically enhance the look of the skin, leaving it silky soft while the alluring fragrance compositions have a soothing effect and make you blissfully relaxed

This 200ml luxury shower gel will transform your bath into a captivating experience that satisfies your senses. Thanks to innovative ingredients, it dramatically enhances the look of the skin, leaving it silky smooth while the seductive fragrance compositions have a therapeutic effect and make you blissfully comfortable. Give yourself a moment of extraordinary pleasure with luxurious UTIQUE LUXURY SHOWER GEL - SANDALWOOD & PATCHOULI. The sensual scent of sandalwood swirls with relaxing notes of patchouli. It is a combination that brings all the best to your body.

Total weight : 230.0 [g]

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